We entered farming with a desire to take great care of our family and the earth.

 Cows are an integral part of building healthy soils and cow’s milk is as close to a perfect food as one can get.
With a lot of will and a keen desire to learn we bought a Jersey cow and began.  That was 1999.

Good Grass for Good Yogurt

We focus a lot of attention on our soils and our grasses. To bring you the finest yogurt we only feed our Jersey cows grasses. Green grass in spring, summer and fall; hay in the colder winter months. The health benefits of feeding cows an exclusively grass diet result in superior milk that has more vitamins, is higher in omega-3 content, and higher in conjugated linoleic acid content, a cancer fighting enzyme. Cows are ruminants, meant to only eat grasses. Our cows have the grass diet on which they thrive. You get the best milk, which makes the best yogurt.

Our Yogurt

Biodynamics are a major driving force in our agricultural practices and we see the results in the health of the fields and animals we care for. Biodynamics believes that there is a living relationship between the soils, the plants, the animals, the sun, the moon, and the stars. The biodynamic planting calendar guides our field work. We make and use the biodynamic preparations which enliven our fields. We see the results of our biodynamic practices in our fields and in our animals’ health.

Our yogurt, our animals and our fields have organic certification.