Our cows will be dry from April 1 until mid-October 2024.
We will have yogurt & raw milk again at that time. Enjoy your summer!

Yogurt, plain and simple.  The way it was meant to be.

Our Yogurt

Happy cows are healthy cows, and their milk is tasty and nutritious.
We only feed our cows grass and never, ever use toxic pesticides,
chemical fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s.

Our Farm

Shelley and Robin have lived in Peterborough for most of their lives.  They have slowly converted their home from a place to raise a family to a place to raise cows!

Biodynamic Preparations hand crafted for you.

We are pleased to offer high quality Biodynamic Preparations made on our Farm.  Buy now.

Spreading the preparations on our farm.