The health and happiness of our animals is our priority.

We have been pasturing and milking cows for over 20 years.

 We have a small heard of Jerseys and cross-Jerseys.

No growth hormones are ever used on our animals.

We decided to become organic certified since our yogurt would be in a marketplace beyond our current farm customers. We never use any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides on our fields.

Our fields, grasses, plants, and animals are certified organic.

Callie’s Cows

  • Always have access to the outside and live in a 3-sided barn
    in the winter.
  • We believe that cows are healthiest when they live outdoors.
  • Are only tied up during milking for a short time once a day
    in the morning.
  • Live with other happy, healthy cows.
  • Rarely have the need for veterinarian visits.

Callie’s Calves

  • Roam with their mothers and the herd during the day-time.
  • Nurse as desired, and are weened when mother and calf
    are ready.
  • Sleep together at night in the calf pen under the watchful
    eyes of their mothers.